Nilssons Ambrosia has moved


I have wanted to change the look of the blog for some time now – mainly change the size of the pictures and the look of the blog a bit. I like large pictures so you can really see what the dish looks like. Unfortunately the host I have for this space couldn’t fulfill those wishes, so I decided to move the whole blog to another host. And at the same time I bought my very own domain – something that I am very excited about!!   

So if you are wondering why I haven’t posted any new things lately, that’s the reason why.

But now I am ready with my brand new look and address – yai!!

If you would like to follow my posts in the future, my new address is:

I already have a few yummy cupcake recipes up at my new ‘home’. Over Easter I baked a batch of lovely yellow lemon cupcakes, complete with little chocolate Easter eggs on top.

And keeping with the citrus theme, I baked chocolate-orange cupcakes last weekend, really delicious and rich taste.

I hope to see you there!

Homemade Chai Tea Concentrate

Chai latte made with chai concentrate

Whenever I go to a café I always choose one of two drinks – coffee latte or chai tea latte. I love the sweet and spiced flavor of a good cup of chai latte. A few years back I tried to make a pot of homemade chai, but it didn’t turn out great; too weak and not enough flavor. But now I found a great recipe for chai concentrate online, here and decided to give it a go again. And I’m so happy that I did. Because it turned out just right, full of chai spiced flavor. I made myself a glass of chai latte using the concentrate, and I am sitting here a very happy gal.

Ingredients; Continue reading

Homemade peanut butter ice cream, an Icecreamist recipe

Homemade ice cream

The second batch of ice cream was peanut butter. The recipe is from my ice cream book ‘The icecreamist’ which I bought last summer in London. I love this book. It has so many amazing ice cream recipes; the traditional as well as a bunch of new fun and interesting flavors. And now that I have finally begun my ice cream making adventure, I can’t wait to try out another recipe from this book.

The peanut butter ice cream turned out fantastic, very creamy and full of flavor. Continue reading

Chunky Monkey Ice cream

Homemade ice cream chunkey monkey

I got an ice cream machine for Christmas in 2011 but haven’t gotten around to using it – until now. Better late than never I guess.

I wanted to make two kinds of ice cream; one flavor that I chose and one that Sillas chose. I looked through my amazingly good looking ice cream book – ‘The Icecreamist’ and chose peanut butter ice cream, and Sillas’ choice was Chunky Monkey – Banana ice ream with chocolate and walnut chunks.

I made Chunky Monkey first. I substituted walnuts for pecan nuts and also added some banana aroma to really get a good banana taste.

The ice cream turned out alright, but I think that I left it in the ice cream machine a bit too long. The texture wasn’t as creamy as I would have liked, so next time I’ll keep a better eye on it.  Continue reading

Salted Almonds

Homemade salted almonds

We’ve had quite a few sweets snacks this past week, so I thought that it was time for a little change. One of Sillas’ friends is coming over to watch tonight’s Champions league match between FC Barcelona and AC Milan, so I’ve made a little football snack – salty almonds. Its a great snack, simple and just so wonderful and yes salty. Who doesn’t like salted almonds… Continue reading

Delicate lime truffle covered in white chocolate

White chocolate heart, homemade

A few weeks ago I tried a piece of chocolate from a lovely box of assorted chocolates. Lime truffle covered with white chocolate. I had never tried that combo before. It was nothing less than amazing.

So I wanted to re-create it.

I used the same lime truffle as I used for my valentines chocolates from the other day. Now since the truffle is covered with white chocolate, these are very sweet, but they are still lovely and delicate. Continue reading

Dinner for one – Stuffed chicken breast, pesto pasta and roasted cherry tomatoes

Stuffed chicken breast, pesto pasta and roasted tomatoes

I’m home alone tonight so it was dinner for one – a delicious dinner for one. I love the combination of fresh basil, mozzarella and tomatoes. And I had a chicken breast in the fridge so I made myself a little caprese inspired dinner.

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